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About People Against Leigh Syndrome (PALS)

People Against Leigh’s Syndrome (PALS) was formed in 2013 by the friends of William Martin; a Houstonian diagnosed with a progressive and fatal form of a mitochondrial disease called Leigh syndrome. PALS seeks to build awareness of this unknown disease and support efforts that would lead to discover a treatment or a cure.

Currently, PALS is working in partnership with the Children’s Memorial Hermann, UT Mitochondrial Center of Excellence and the Memorial Hermann Foundation.

Medical and scientific information on mitochondrial disease and Leigh’s Syndrome is used with permission from the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation.

Consult your physician before changing your care.


Board of Directors
Bridgette Bilski

Keith Bilski

Andre Granello

Lori Martin

Neil Martin

Founding Members
Joelle Derrick

Mitch Derrick

Peyton Jones

Lauren Granello

Walker Molinare

Craig Peterson

Tahra Peterson

Emily Sperandio

Mike Sperandio

Ken Tsai

Janae Tsai

Advisory Council
Mary Kay Koenig, MD

Melissa Knight